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12 Erotic
For Intimacy


Meet the Author

Dr. Faith Walters, ThD is the Founder and presiding Pastor of Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries. She has been practicing family therapy for over 20 years. She has a Bachelors's and Master's degree in Education, Honorary Masters's in Theology & Divinity, and a third Master's in Marriage & Family/Sex Therapy.


Her experience and education give her a well-rounded background to understand the needs of her community, the challenges families face, and insight into the kinds of solutions needed to effectively address their issues.


Dr. Walters empowers her clients through counseling, practical and realistic bible education, and her self-development resources which include presentations, books, and music. She has authored two books to date, “Poems About my Self-Esteem” and “Reborn”. She is also the singer-songwriter of the song “A Spiritual Erotic Expression of Love”, music promoting healthy sexual experiences to boost your marriage.

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